Dinner with the Europhiles : LETTERS

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From Mr Hugh Dykes, MP Sir: It would be hard to fault the compelling arguments on the Tory dissarray on European policy put forward in Andrew Marr's recent articles, especially the quite strikingly accurate strictures in today's edition (31 January). In his fully justified criticism of the hand- wringing silence and timidity of too many Europhile Conservative MPs (including, of course, senior ministers), I hope he will nevertheless exempt from this charge the very active Tories working in the European Movement context.

Although all-party, the other active members have kindly put up in recent years with a Tory chairman (myself) a Tory director, as full-time executive officer, and more recently a Tory president, Sir Edward Heath.

The nationwide Europhile "constituency" is strong, definitive, and positive. It yearns for the same attitude from the Government. Most recently, this is exemplified by our forthcoming gala dinner with the Chancellor of the Exchequer as guest speaker. Some months ago I was routinely expecting a commendable turnout of up to 200 guests. The latest tally is well over double that number.

Yours faithfully, Hugh Dykes MP for Harrow East (Con)

House of Commons London, SW1

31 January