Bovver boots

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What's that noise? Very possibly someone sneaking about in a pair of Nike Air Max 95 training shoes. Highly irritating. So annoying, in fact, that some buyers of these fashion accessories have sought redress. Some do cost about £100, after all. Emboldened by an item on the BBC's Watchdog programme about the noisy trainers, a number of buyers squeaked along to the Foot Locker store in Leeds.

Things did not go smoothly. Tempers frayed, eight people were arrested with minor injuries and three Nike fans were charged with public order offences and assault. Maybe someone should have mentioned that squeaky trainers are not the best way to avoid arrest. A police officer was taken to Leeds General Infirmary with minor injuries. By noon yesterday - with dozens of local youths demanding new trainers - the entire St John's Centre in Leeds, which accommodates Foot Locker, was closed.

A spokesman for Watchdog says it is still receiving complaints about the shoes from viewers. So a rubber-soled fracas may be coming to a shoe shop near you. If you hear the squeak, squeak, squeak of trainers looking for bovver down at your cobblers, you'd better be fast on your feet.