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Get it off your Community Chest. There are two reactions, always a popular situation with leader writers, to the anguished calls from around the Angel, Islington, for a property review on the Monopoly board which would better reflect the changed circumstances brought to the area by imports of thrusting professionals, pine kitchen tables and balsamic vinegar.

On the one hand, we might say, Monopoly is a national institution: tamper with the Islington price, and where will it all end? Water and electric utilities are all very well, but where is the mobile phone franchise? And what on earth is this "Free Parking" spot? Quite.

On the other hand, surely New Labour, New Britain deserves a New Monopoly? At the very least, the dog, the iron, the top hat and the rest of the outmoded symbols could be replaced by representations of, say, Frank Dobson, Martha Lane Fox, an asylum-seeker, the chairman of BMW, and the Millennium Dome. And Gordon Brown's mobile triumph has given us another idea: Monopoly's manufacturer should auction off the best sites to the highest bidder. Over to you, Islington!