Editorial: And it's Hayek. Hayek to Suárez. Goal!


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Amid the fallout from Luis Suarez's controversial goal for Liverpool in their FA Cup tie against Mansfield Town on Sunday, we have – regrettably – not learnt whether the Uruguayan striker numbers the economist and philosopher Friedrich Hayek among his influences. For it was Hayek who compared the market to a game in which “there is no point in calling the outcome just or unjust”.

Beloved of Margaret Thatcher, Hayek took the view that the duty of the powerful to help those less powerful – for which one might read a leading Premier League team such as Liverpool and a non-League one such as Mansfield – was minimal. He would have seen Suarez's hand make contact with the ball immediately prior to the goal, and said, "Tough". Or something very like it.

Mansfield felt cheated. We recommend trying to be philosophical.