Editorial: How does a week by the Sea of Tranquillity sound?


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At approaching $1.5bn for a single pair of tickets, Golden Spike's plan for commercial trips to the Moon is ostensibly targeted at governments. The company, set up by former Nasa executives, hopes that the research opportunities will persuade states to stump up for the ride.

With private Caribbean islands so passé, however, and the global super-rich always on the lookout for new levels of exclusivity, it is hard to believe that a trip to the Sea of Tranquillity will not prove tempting to private clients.

After all, Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic venture – which promises customers a quick zip to space and back at the bargain price of £125,000 per supersonic pop – has already raked in more than £64m in deposits and includes such illustrious names as Angelina Jolie and Princess Beatrice on its waiting list.

A holiday on the Moon is an even classier proposition. Guaranteed views; no fighting for space by the pool; a price that must surely include a luggage allowance. The only downside is a nightlife rather lacking in atmosphere.