Editorial: No bananas for David Miliband this time


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It’s tempting to remark that once a politician, always a politician.

But David Miliband’s instincts were never as reliable as those of, say, Tony Blair. Otherwise, he would never been photographed with that banana, would he? Even as he takes his last bow on the British political stage, however, Miliband D’s antennae appear to be sharpening.

Despite his insistence to the contrary, there was no way that he could realistically keep his non-executive directorship of Sunderland FC once he was fully ensconced in his rather well-paid new job across the water. Enter Paolo Di Canio – he of the fascist salute – as Sunderland’s new head coach, and Mr Miliband could not have announced his resignation any faster. There’s no need to judge whether principle or practicality was the driving force. Political genius is when you unhesitatingly seize the opportunity to combine the two.