Greek lessons

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The appropriately named Superintendent Andy Rhodes, of the Blackpool police, is a lucky man. He has been chosen - and the competition must have been severe - to fly to the holiday island of Rhodes to offer advice to the Greek authorities about the troubled resort of Faliraki. He will liaise with police on the Greek islands about how best to deal with Britain's major export: holiday yobs.

It is, we may be confident, a wise choice. After all, Faliraki is, by all accounts, simply Blackpool with sunshine, and police in the coastal resorts of Britain have been used to dealing with the over-exuberant ways of youth since late Victorian times. Supt Rhodes will be offering useful tips on the use of CCTV footage, the importance of intelligence-led policing and door-staff registration. He will demonstrate how to act with tact and discretion when faced with a bare bottom in a beach bar. We wish him the best of luck.