Independent redesign: This is a vehicle for world-class writing, and now smarter than ever

Every font in this newspaper has now been especially designed  for us

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As promised, today you will see your newspaper has been redesigned. There's an old saying in Fleet Street about journalists loving redesigns and readers hating them, and I know that you have had a few of late. For all that, this redesign is necessary, sympathetic to what you have told me you want, and true to our strengths. On Saturday and yesterday I explained the philosophy behind the changes. Here is the detail.

Editorials are on page 2, and from tomorrow the great cartoonist Dave Brown will be on page 3. The Voices section, and the quality of writing that comes with it, is dispersed through the paper, with full-page columns in home news. Our new Section 2 will open with a major feature or essay. This opening slot will usually run over three pages, accompanied by another regular column. Then, over the page, we'll have a double-page spread with short features on issues in the news.

The run of features, arts and television listings is the same as before. We have a bumper puzzles and games section, which includes the Cryptic crossword – moved from sport. And our obituaries, business and sport will go on being a very strong back half, together with a beautiful new weather page. We no longer run share prices, but we do run the FTSE 100.

You'll find plenty of news-in-brief items, to keep you abreast of all the key stories. But you'll also find several big news packages, for instance on our excellent science story today.

For the design buffs among you, our creative team will be writing in Saturday's paper about the technicalities. Two teasers: first, every font in this newspaper has been designed especially for us; second, our celebrated eagle has been redesigned too.

Rest assured that this newspaper will continue to be a vehicle for world-class journalism and writing. See the names on our front page today, and over the coming days, for evidence of that.

I believe this new look paper remains accessible and modern, while being smarter and more independent than it has ever been. Ultimately, however, it's your paper – so please let me know what you think.