It’s bon voyage to Britain’s travel agents

What will replace them on the high street?

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A report from accountants Wilkins Kennedy reveals that the total number of travel agents and tour operators going bust jumped by 36 per cent in the past 12 months.

That trend looks set to accelerate as more holidaymakers turn to the internet to arrange trips at prices they want to pay.

While the disappearance of travel agents from our high streets will not cause much of a pang to people happy to make their own arrangements, it raises a serious question: what will replace them? When banks close, they are quickly replaced by bookmakers and payday lenders. Chain stores are replaced by pounds shops. But what will replace the travel agents, and won’t their departure leave the world a little less colourful?

After all, what do travel firms sell? In the main it is dreams. Without them, our high streets will be more of a nightmare to visit.