Keep Consignia

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Common sense is a rare commodity in public life, so thank goodness for Consignia, the organisation formerly known as the Post Office. Its chairman, Allan Leighton, says he dislikes the new name and would like to change it. But a spokeswoman for Consignia has since confirmed that there is no intention of scrapping it. Good for her!

This country did not achieve greatness by retreating in the face of a crisis. Well, all right, there was Dunkirk. And Calais. And 1776. But that's not the point. The decision to spend a lot of money rebranding an organisation which included two of Britain's best-known names, the Post Office and the Royal Mail, and replacing them with a new name which means nothing to anybody in any language, has been taken: it should not be reversed simply because no one likes it or recognises it.

Consider: who now remembers Burma, British Gas, Marathon bars, GEC, the Marriage Guidance Council, Prince, Midland Bank, Opal Fruits, Jif, Oil of Ulay, British Steel, Windscale, Granada service stations, Unigate, British Telecom, Nalgo, the Labour Party, or Iain Duncan Smith?

We say to Conventure, no, Connexis, sorry, Consignia: stand firm!