Leading article: A mouse that roared

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Does David Cameron approve of Rastamouse, the Jamaican-patois-speaking, crime-fighting, rodent?

It's a pertinent question after the Prime Minister's attack on multiculturalism last weekend. Yet if CBeebies' latest creation upsets Mr Cameron's muscular liberal instincts, it's hard to see what the Prime Minister can do about it. Rastamouse is already a huge hit among British children.

Some have grumbled about youngsters not being taught to talk "properly". To which the best reply is: The Flower Pot Men, Teletubbies and Morph. None were exactly models of elocution. Others have detected hidden reference to drugs. But the same was said of The Magic Roundabout. To be placed in such august company is surely a credit to Rastamouse. A classic is born. Irie!