Leading Article: A silver lining

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Our economy is shrinking. The pound is on the slide. Property prices are plummeting and share certificates are fast becoming fit only for lining drawers.

There are, however, some people who have seen their relative wealth skyrocket in recent weeks. And this is because they did not have, to put it bluntly, very much to start with. If you're looking for a silver lining among the current economic storm clouds, consider the plight of this community. Entire sections of the economy are finally coming into their grasp. Popular shares are a realistic purchase for any punter with an eye for a bargain and a pocket full of loose change. And owning a house is no longer a distant dream, to be realised only by those who slave in the City's gleaming towers for a lifetime.

As the Porgy and Bess number so wisely points out, having "plenty of nothing" isn't always such a bad thing.