Leading article: A wise decision from Labour on Lords reform


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With regards to House of Lords reform, Ed Miliband had two options. To his credit, he has chosen the right one.

Not only were Tory rebels hoping Labour would help them vote down the Lib Dem-sponsored Bill. There were also plenty on the Labour side keen to stymie Nick Clegg's efforts and up the pressure on the fraying Coalition. Instead, Mr Miliband's party will support the Bill. And although it will, alas, take more than an Aye in the Commons to ensure the reforms are passed, they may now clear the first hurdle, at least.

In resisting the siren calls of expediency, the Labour leader is to be commended. But there is more here than reforming zeal; there is also a careful political calculation. With no certainty the electorate will prove more decisive in 2015 than in 2010, the Labour leader may yet be talking coalition with the Lib Dems himself. It is only wise, then, not to burn his bridges.