Leading article: An inspirational walk across London


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Even for athletes, tackling a marathon takes dedication, discipline and a certain amount of sheer grit. For a person who is paraplegic to commit themselves to walking the 26-mile route is nothing short of inspirational.

Claire Lomas – a former professional event rider who lost the use of her legs after a fall from her horse six years ago – is doing just that. It is now nearly a week since the day of the marathon. But while most of its participants have well and truly recovered from their fatigue, Ms Lomas is still out on the streets of London, every day, making her way towards the finish line with the help of "robot legs" she learned to use only three months ago.

The "ReWalk" bionic braces are a technical marvel, supporting the wearer's weight, detecting her footfall and helping to rotate her joints where necessary. Progress is slow and the challenge immense, but Ms Lomas hopes to raise £50,000 for spinal research by her efforts. We can only wish her the best. On behalf of both those who ran the marathon and those who did not, Ms Lomas, we salute you.