Leading article: Animal magic

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Step up, please, and marvel at the ingenuity of humanity in signing up other members of the animal kingdom to do the jobs that our frail forms are ill-suited to do.

As we report today, airport authorities are planning to introduce squadrons of sniffer bees to detect explosives. Fortunately, as the bees remain enclosed in a shoebox-sized container, there is little immediate risk to phobic passengers. But there is always a danger that Mother Nature will reassert herself.

When the US Navy trained dolphins to shoot terrorists (do not apply here for the details; the US authorities refused to disclose them), Mother N intervened in the form of Hurricane Katrina, which swept their cages out into the Gulf of Mexico. Several of them reportedly escaped into the open sea, with dart-guns possibly still strapped to them (but that is classified information).

We mention this only because the sniffer-bee flying squads are eventually released after a few weeks' service. What if the killer dolphins should ever join forces with the bomb-finder bees?

And you thought the idea that cats were plotting to take over the world was simply a fanciful Hollywood caper...