Leading article: At sixes and sevens

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Guile has not been the BBC's strongest suit while Mark Thompson has been Director General. But the furore unleashed by the great and the good of the music world over the threat to 6 Music, is so predictable that you almost wonder whether the BBC didn't pick on it simply as a feint. If only Asian Network listeners were as activist as the David Bowies and Lily Allens of this world, perhaps the BBC would get away without drawing in its horns at all.

That a particular station – or any other BBC activity for that matter – has high-profile and well-connected advocates, however, can be only one strand in the argument. The 6 Music station was, until its closure hove into view, a very minority taste indeed. You can argue that the BBC should support new artists; you can say it should serve the mainstream. But it's hard to argue both at once. Some 6 Music campaigners suggest shutting Radio One instead. Could that be what Mr Thompson was angling for all along?