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In these jaded times, the news that a sportsman has been arrested for silly behaviour while in his cups tends to provoke a weary yawn. If our interest is to be piqued, what is required is some unusual and memorable detail.

Andrew Flintoff famously gave us that with his ill-fated pedalo adventure. And now the Welsh flanker, Andy Powell, has raised the bar after being arrested for driving a golf buggy under the influence, after Wales' Six Nations victory over Scotland at the weekend.

Powell has been disciplined by the Welsh rugby authorities. But the stigma of his chosen method of transport will surely linger much longer than his suspension. This is, after all, a vehicle that is rather ridiculous even in its natural environment of the golf course. But on the hard shoulder of the M4?

Still, at least Powell can comfort himself with the knowledge that it might have been worse. It could have been a Segway.