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You've got to hand it to him: Diego Maradona still hasn't lost his eye for goal. He might have retired as a player long ago and been dragged through a horror show of drug abuse and weight problems, but the compact Argentinian still has that old killer instinct.

Take yesterday's press conference at Hampden Park ahead of Scotland's friendly with Argentina. Prodded by a journalist from south of the border on the notorious "Hand of God" incident that helped eject England from the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, the new Argentine coach refused to be contrite.

Instead, he scurried up to the other end and planted the ball firmly in the back of the English net. Did England not, he asked, win the 1966 World Cup, with the help a goal that did not, in fact, cross the line? So who are they to rake over the past?

Ouch! Perhaps it's time to stop tangling with this man. Somehow, he keeps coming out on top.