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Some presumed Sudoku would be a passing fad when it burst into the public's consciousness (with no little help from this newspaper) in May. We would have one spring of nerdish joy before falling back on our old pastimes. How unfounded was that fear! We are well into summer and Sudokumania is still alive and kicking.

If anything it is getting stronger. As well as the success of our own Sudoku championship, there are numerous indications that this most addictive of pursuits is going strong. Sudoku collections vie for space with the latest Harry Potter instalment in all good bookshops. Ever more Sudoku websites are popping up, including one where you can test your abilities with other players around the world. Even Jade Goody is at it.

But if you're still having trouble getting the hang of Sudoku and feel a bit left out, we offer you the sage words of our new champion, Edward Billig, on how to approach this most sophisticated of mental challenges: "You just look at numbers and work out what's missing."

Well said, Grand Master.