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One hopes that the bullock which knocked out David Dimbleby, causing him to miss chairing his first episode of Question Time in more than 15 years, was suitably ashamed of itself. We are hardly so blessed with distinguished broadcasters that we can afford to have their safety threatened by rogue livestock.

Thankfully, the senior Dimbleby's injuries do not appear to have been too serious. With a bit of luck he will be back where he belongs, surrounded by the big beasts of the Westminster farmyard, before too long.

But, like a memento mori, bullockgate does prompt grim thoughts about the future. The broadcasting phenomenon that is the Dimbleby Brothers cannot carry on forever. There will one day be a hole in our national life which two sagacious, talented, smooth-voiced brothers will be required to fill. Yes, there is an obvious heir. But we must ask ourselves: are Jedward truly up to the task?