Leading article: Burning rubber

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Melbourne police seem to be dealing with a rather superior class of boy racer these days.

The local constabulary are reported to have come across the former Formula One world champion, Lewis Hamilton, performing "fishtails" and "burnouts" in a quiet local street. The British driver's Mercedes was impounded and he is facing a fine. The question that will spring to most people's mind is: why? Does Hamilton not get enough excitement negotiating the chicanes and bends of the world's premier racetracks? He does, after all, have the day job that ordinary boy racers would kill for.

Irritating though anti-social driving is, it is hard not to smile at what the shamefaced Hamilton describes as his "over-exuberant" behaviour in Australia.

We suggest that what he needs for tomorrow's Grand Prix is a pair of furry dice for his dashboard and some go-faster stripes. Come on Lewis, pimp that ride.