Leading article: By George, a brilliant idea!

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It has been richly demeaning both for those in it and those who watch it. The participants have been so unlikeable and egotistical - it has been reported - that there is growing support around the country for the idea of confining George Galloway and others to the Big Brother house and pretending to film them.

While the occupants of the house assume their narcissist ramblings are being appraised by millions, Channel 4 could broadcast a series of improving documentaries on, for example, the interplay between religion and commerce in the rise of the East India Company. While we wait for this plan to receive clearance from the necessary authorities, we have a more urgent proposal.

We shall be writing at once to the Honours Committee to suggest a knighthood for the person who suggested that someone (George Galloway, as it turned out) pretend to be a cat, crawling on the floor and licking imaginary cream out of Rula Lenska's hand. As an illustration of the degree of humiliation to which some politicians will submit themselves for the sake of publicity, this could not have been bettered by even the great Chris Morris.

This, surely, is a moment George Galloway will never live down, and something for which we should doff our collective hat. Sir or Dame, arise.