Leading article: Cheers, Rosie

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There are, some might say, few issues likely to excite our parliamentarians to action more rapidly than a promise of cheap liquor rescinded.

However, cynics should note the example of Liverpool MP Rosie Cooper. Stepping into her local Tesco, she was alarmed to find bottles of Baileys, advertised outside the store at just £8, were not actually available. Making enquiries, she was told by store workers that hardly any stock was sent to them. The MP, ever vigilant on behalf of her constituents' wallets, if not their palates, also noticed that Jacobs Creek wine, promoted for £3, was being sold for £5.99. "They are luring customers with 'bait advertising'," she concluded, before pressing the trading and advertising standards authorities into action.

Let us overlook the nature of those items investigated by Ms Cooper, and remark only that it is welcome to see an honourable member shaken, and indeed stirred, to act beyond the call of parliamentary duty.