Leading article: Comedy of errors

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The news that some former Lehman Brothers employees have set up a theatre company inspires mixed feelings. While it's nice that the group has apparently discovered there is "more to life" than banking, it's rather a pity that this wisdom only came after their profession had pushed the global financial system to the brink of ruin.

Still, as they used to say in the sub-prime loan underwriting divisions, it's important to be constructive. So, in that spirit, we would like to suggest some classic plays (with a twist) that the company might care to tackle: The Importance of Being Solvent; Death of a Bond Salesman; Waiting for Paulson; A Bonus For All Seasons; Who's afraid of the Securities and Exchange Commission?

Perhaps the odd musical? How about Fiddler on the Board? Mary Poppins (starring Dick van Fuld)? And, of course, Les Miserables. There. That should provide the thespian-financiers with a sufficiently large repertoire to keep them going - at least until the next global financial crisis.