Leading article: Courageous choice

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Anyone who watched Tony Adams play for either Arsenal or England will know what a lion he was on the football pitch. But his courage away from the field was equally as impressive.

Adams hauled himself back from the shame of being jailed for drink-driving in 1990 and chronicled his personal battle with alcohol with admirable honesty. Moreover, by setting up his Sporting Chance Clinic to help sportsmen and women suffering from addiction, he showed he was interested in more than just sympathetic publicity. He wanted to make a difference.

Since retiring as a player, Adams's career has not been illustrious. A spell as manager of Wycombe Wanderers ended badly. But now the spotlights of the Premier League beckon again. Adams has been offered a chance as manager of Portsmouth. His first real test will be against the league leaders, Liverpool, this evening.

Let us hope that famous Adams courage has survived intact – because he is going to need it.