Leading article: Cracking the code

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When it comes to code-breaking, silence is golden. But in campaigning, it is deadly. The discipline of the wartime staff of Bletchley Park in keeping quiet about their work helped them strike a crucial blow against the Nazi war machine. But it seemed, for a while, that their success in keeping their efforts secret would condemn the buildings in which they performed such feats to decrepitude and ruin.

Thankfully the Bletchley Park Trust, with the support of this newspaper, found its voice last year. And now the Heritage Lottery Fund has granted it help towards applying for a £4.1m restoration grant.

Yet this is only a first step. The Trust needs £10m to restore and refurbish this precious emblem of British wartime heroism. It is beholden on all those who want to honour the contribution of the men and women who worked in Bletchley to keep shouting until the Park's future is secure. Don't keep it a secret.