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Before engaging in the complex and technical debate about whether the South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius should be permitted to compete in the able-bodied Olympics, it is useful to take a step back and reflect on what a remarkable thing Mr Pistorius has already achieved, and what a trail he has blazed for other disabled sportsmen and women.

Mr Pistorius has blurred the line between disabled and the able-bodied sport through sheer force of will. It is simply astonishing that a double amputee is in a position to challenge for a place in the Olympic 400m event, even with the help of his now famous "Cheetah" running blades. Through his admirable dedication and stubborn refusal to accept artificial constraints, in sport as well as life, Mr Pistorius is already a winner. We hope he has a chance to exhibit what he is capable of in the able-bodied games in Beijing this summer.