Leading article: Great expectations

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After the breathtaking opening ceremony put on by Beijing in last year's Olympics, it is as well that the organisers of the London Games are beginning their own preparations for that event early. As we report today, the prodigiously- talented musician Damon Albarn is being sounded out to be artistic director of the 2012 opening ceremony. Another contender is Stephen Daldry, the decorated theatre and film director.

Whoever ultimately gets the job, we are fortunate to be able to draw on such creative talents. There might be a question mark over the depth of Britain's strength in pursuits such as athletics, but when it comes to showbusiness Britain – and in particular London - punches well above its weight.

We might well fret about getting the stadium built on time and the village constructed within budget. But we can afford to be quietly confident that the opening ceremony, at least, will be a show worth waiting for.