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Tory politics and heavy metal do not generally go together.

But they do in at least one household. Louise Bagshawe, a Conservative MP, has married Peter Mensch, who, among other things, manages the hugely influential American metal band, Metallica.

In these times when the personal is political, this unusual union will not have gone unnoticed in Downing Street. David Cameron's advisers will probably have spotted an opportunity to reach one part of Britain that remained stubbornly immune to their party's charms at the last election: heavy metal fans.

We trust plans are already being formed in Downing Street to persuade Ms Bagshawe's husband's band to play at the next Conservative Party conference. "Seek and Destroy" could proceed the Chancellor's speech. "Master of Puppets" should obviously introduce the Prime Minister. And what better to close the conference than "The Unforgiven"? It would certainly be more honest than "Things Can Only Get Better".