Leading article: Just another round of 'He said, she said'


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A survey by NCP, the car park group, rated women (a little) more highly than men in the parking stakes, finding – among other things – that they were more likely to approach at a measured speed and more likely to place the car at the centre of the space.

The results reversed the findings of a German survey two years ago, which appeared to confirm the traditional stereotype of men as better parkers. Several possible conclusions could be drawn. One: that women have improved their parking over that time. Two: that men are losing the knack. Three: that Germans and Britons park differently. Four: that the determining factor is not gender, but practice, and more women are doing more driving (and parking). Or, five: that such surveys say nothing whatever about the comparative performance of men and women at the wheel and simply stoke counterproductive gender wars. We incline strongly towards number five.