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It's nice to know that the Vikings, as well as raping our women, killing our children and enslaving our menfolk (to be sold, it should be remembered, on the great slave market of Dublin), also left us with some goodly treasure. The £1m hoard discovered by two metal detectors in Yorkshire and now bought by the British Museum and the York Museums Trust, includes coins from Afghanistan, vessels from France and objects from Russia.

Which prompts the question: what will our modern-day invaders leave us? The latest population statistics on immigration suggest that Poles and other East Europeans too are now taking to the ships, leaving behind (like the Vikings) a rising birthrate and the memory of not so much being slavers as slaves to us. But of objects? Will the metal detector of tomorrow find monkey wrenches from Germany and overalls from China. Or will it be DVDs from Thailand of all those adventure films about the Vikings?