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Do men have a "need" to poke small white balls into holes in the countryside in the company of other men?

We ask because that is the implication of a verdict from the Irish Supreme Court which has ruled that Portmarnock Golf Club in Dublin is not breaking anti-discrimination law by excluding women. Why? Because the law has a loophole which allows clubs to carry on discriminating if their "principal purpose is to cater only for the needs of persons of a particular gender".

Well, the Irish law is the Irish law. But, if so, there are surely plenty of other "male needs" which need to be protected from contaminating female interference. Here's a few for starters: leaving the toilet seat up, falling silent when the conversation turns to "feelings", a non-intervention policy on the washing up, Sky Sports. Someone should invent a club which mandates all of the above. Then, one suspects, most women would be more than happy to stay away.