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For architecture in Scotland, this has been a mixed week. On Monday a van managed to demolish a 16th-century stone gate at Scone Palace in Perthshire. But there was better news yesterday when the V&A Museum unveiled six impressive potential designs for a new cultural outpost on Dundee's waterfront, to be opened in 2014. One door gets knocked down, another opens, it seems. The new museum is projected to provide a large boost to the local Dundee economy.

The V&A made the right choice of city for its grand projet. One of Dundee's most famous sons was the 19th-century amateur poet William McGonagall. And he was moved to compose these wonderful lines the last time the city hosted a major building project: "Beautiful new railway bridge of the Silvery Tay... as I gaze upon thee my heart feels gay/Because thou are the greatest railway bridge of the present day/And can be seen for miles away...The New Yorkers boast about their Brooklyn Bridge/But in comparison to thee it seems like a midge/Because thou spannest the Silvery Tay/A mile and more longer I venture to say". What a pity for everyone that there will be no McGonagall to immortalise Dundee's latest edifice in verse.