Leading article: Now that April's here

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We know there are parts of Scotland where snow is forecast and other parts of Scotland where the planes have been grounded by a new plume of volcanic ash from Iceland.

But the rest of the country, having endured one of the longest and harshest winters for years, is enjoying the most glorious late spring, which has suddenly burst out all over. The grass is as green as can be; the trees are in leaf; the magnolias, almonds and cherries are all in bloom, with the chestnuts not far behind. The birds are a-courting and building their nests.

Stranded wanderers are coming home and marooned visitors have left. And even if we've learnt to distrust forecasts of barbecue summers, a barbecue spring of at least one weekend is at hand. For politicians with electoral ambitions, this has been perfect campaigning weather. And on the eve of the marathon, London is looking its bright, verdant best. Runners, spectators, organisers – we wish you the best of luck. This is a season to savour – while it lasts.