Leading article: Orange revolution

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It is the biggest transfer in the world of fruit preserves in many a season. Robertson's Golden Shred has signed up Paddington Bear to front the marmalade maker's new campaign to dominate the breakfast table.

They've lured Paddington away from Marmite, presumably after agreeing to match the Peruvian's sizeable wage demands (plus a cut for his agent, Michael Bond). Robertson hopes that Paddington will fill the gap left by its much loved, but also controversial, mascot, Golliwog, who retired in 2002.

Robertson's new signing has an impeccable disciplinary record, although opponents have been known to find themselves on the end of the occasional "hard stare".

This ought to be a successful marriage given Paddington's long-standing and well-documented devotion to the orange cause. And if it results in a sticky end, well, at least one bear won't be too sad.