Leading article: Please show us those other gold-medal performances, too

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Few would question the priority given to Team GB in the BBC's Olympics coverage. The performance of "our" athletes is of consuming interest in any world competition, all the more so when the biggest carnival of all comes to London. But when you see the medal table, don't you sometimes want to know who won all those other golds, in what sports, and how?

It is true that, thanks to the red button, we can watch more Olympic sports than ever; true, too, that each nation gives priority to its favoured disciplines. But would it not be a fitting statement about the cosmopolitan nature of London for the BBC to offer a taste of what others are doing? When the last live event has ended, could the national broadcaster not round up all the medals of the day and show at least a little of each gold-medal performance? Team GB are excelling themselves, but others, too, are putting in performances to savour.