Leading article: Premier goals in a league of their own


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It is easy to feel cynical about our national game. Barely a month goes by without some new scandal involving football players, fuelling suspicions that they are paid too much and behave badly off the field, as well as that too much money in general has corrupted the game.

But all is forgiven when a match ends in the kinds of twists and turns that were seen yesterday in the closing minutes of the Premier League, when Manchester City snatched the prize by scoring not one but two goals in injury time. It was an astonishing coup that took them from behind to beating Queens Park Rangers by 3-2 – the first time that Manchester City have won the league since 1968 and only the third time they have won it in the club's history.

A "crazy ending", as manager Roberto Mancini rightly said, and one that will have restored many a disillusioned fan's belief in the power of the beautiful game to take people's breath away.