Leading article: Proud to be supporting Sport Relief


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Generally, Britain is a comfortable country in which to live. By and large, people have enough food to eat and water to drink. The air is clean, the water supply constant and pollutant-free. Children will receive an adequate education. Our health service will care for us when we fall sick. Crime levels are low.

It is all relative of course – some parts of the UK are much worse off than others. Likewise too many of our children grow up in difficult circumstances. Nevertheless, compared with many other countries we're well off. We gripe about the gap between rich and poor, but the divide in this country is not so pronounced as elsewhere. Which is why this newspaper is so keen to support Sport Relief. For one day, it is being guest edited by David Walliams, one of the charity's ambassadors. Tomorrow, we return to normal. For now, though, we are assisting a compelling cause. And we're proud to be of service.