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If you want to know something about modern British tribes, look at the audiences of radio breakfast shows. There's the Christ Moyles crowd, the Today programme gang, the Five Live crew and many more. Each has their own worldview, their own rituals, their own language even.

And one of the largest of those tribes lost its chief yesterday. Terry Wogan broadcast his last Radio 2 breakfast show, 37 years after he first picked up the microphone.

Wogan's dry humour and laid-back fogeyishnes fitted his eight million-strong audience like a comfortable cardigan. But what will happen to Terry's Old Geezers and Gals ("Togs", as they're known) now? Chris Evans is the answer. The former enfant terrible of BBC radio takes over next month.

So will the new chap lead his tribe to fresh glory? Or will he end up roasting over an open fire, eviscerated by angry Togs? We say: Evans had better pray that his Floral Dance is up to scratch.