Leading article: RED all over

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The Independent had two aims in publishing this week's RED issue, guest-edited by Bono: to raise awareness of Africa's problems and to help to alleviate them by donating half of that day's revenues to the Global Fund. Tuesday's edition achieved both objectives beyond our most hopeful expectations, thanks to Bono, who displayed hitherto unknown talents as an editor, and to the enthusiastic participation of our advertisers and readers. Bono's commissions included an interview with Nigeria's corruption-busting Finance Minister, an explanation by Giorgio Armani of his commitment to "using global brands for goodwill", and a leading article by Bono himself in which he wrote movingly about what drives his commitment to Africa. And Damien Hirst's striking front-page design brought the package to the attention of many tens of thousands of extra readers who added to that day's contributions to the Global Fund. We thank you.