Leading article: Rumour has it wrong

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It's a hard life being a celebrity. And the papers don't make it any easier by constantly getting facts wrong and refusing to print corrections. Or so the celebs claim. So now some of them are signing up to a website called icorrect.com to put out direct contradictions.

Thus "Kate Moss to make her acting debut as a nymph in Shakespeare's Tempest" prompted Kevin Spacey to riposte that the pair "met at a party but never discussed her working at the Old Vic", adding caustically that anyway there isn't a role of "nymph" in The Tempest. Viscount Linley has countered that he was not "glum" at a wedding but was simply waiting for a car to pick him up.

It costs £1,000 a year, which is small change to a celeb or a banker. (Someone should tell Sir John Bond, ex of HSBC, that he could have corrected his entry in Wikipedia on the site for free.) And you might have thought that Michael Caine could have got someone to print for nothing his anecdote that his catchphrase "Not Many People Know That" actually originated on Peter Sellers's answering machine. Oops, we just have.

But there is a catch. Bianca Jagger says she never had a fling with Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau. But the gossip-mongers were unrepentant: she would say that, wouldn't she. There's no pleasing some people.