Leading article: Scotland the unbrave

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If 'twere done, said another famous Scotland, 'twere well it were done quickly. But unfortunately it seems that Baroness Scotland is determined to drag out her inevitable resignation as long as possible, doing maximum damage to her reputation. Now that Max Clifford has become involved – hired by Lady Scotland's erstwhile housekeeper, who was arrested yesterday – still more damaging revelations seem likely to emerge.

This has been a truly wretched show. First Britain's top law officer breaks the draconian immigration rules she helped to pushed through Parliament. Then she suggests the offence is no more serious than forgetting to pay London's congestion charge. Next she ignores the resignation of her parliamentary private secretary in protest.

She lingers on, letting "I dare not" wait upon "I would". If she does not do the honourable thing and resign now, then it is surely time for the Thane of Fife to screw his courage to the sticking-place.