Leading article: Seasonal mix-up

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Christmas decorations were on sale in Harrods in August. Wetherspoons have been advertising their Christmas office parties for a month. And now we learn that that holly has been fruiting early. Yes, as has often been noted, the festive season seems to come earlier every year. But what is to be done about this Yuletide encroachment? Are we all eventually destined to end up like Andy Park, of Melksham, Wiltshire, eating turkey and pulling crackers every single day of the year?

Some might see advantages in such a surrender: at least advertisers would have no excuse to tell us how many shopping days are left. But we must avoid defeatism. We suggest instead that readers fight fire with fire. Wear Hallowe'en masks in December; send Valentine cards at Easter. Sow confusion at every opportunity. And if someone offers you a mince pie in November, just say no.