Leading article: Strictly speaking, a disappointment

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No wonder many members of the audience are said to be fuming over the results of the last round of Strictly Come Dancing, in which all three remaining couples went through to next week's final. This was after the audience voted for their favourites, and in the clear expectation that someone was going to be eliminated.

People don't watch these shows in search of motherhood and apple pie, and they certainly don't vote in order to learn later that "everyone's winning prizes".

No, they want to see blood, sweat and tears in the form of a gladiatorial battle for the top seat, culminating in the exaltation of the ecstatic winner, and the ritual humiliation of the rest.

Let's not kid ourselves that that some progressive, democratic principle underpins the popularity of these shows. For all the sequins and pearls, this is nature red in tooth and claw – the equivalent of the Roman forum. Embrace that fact – or turn off.