Leading article: Suffolk: from cradle to grave

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It must have seemed a perfectly grand idea to Suffolk tourism chiefs. They would invite the public to vote online for the best loved "icon" of the county. Even better, they would allow the public to make suggestions themselves. What could be more in tune with the devolutionist and participatory ethos of the Big Society?

But they did not consider the mischievous sense of humour of the internet. Under the suggestions, someone posted an image of the lead singer of a veteran heavy metal group who rejoice in the name Cradle of Filth. Worse, Dani Filth ended up topping the poll, beating Ipswich's Broomhill swimming pool into a distant second place.

Yet now Choose Suffolk have omitted Mr Filth from the final shortlist on the grounds that he is not appropriate. We do not see why. Cradle of Filth were formed in the county 20 years ago. They are as Suffolk as Adnam's brewery.

Furthermore, internet democracy is internet democracy. Bureaucrats cannot pretend to be inclusive and then start excluding when the results are not what they expected. If Suffolk netizens wish their county to be associated with a cradle of filth who is anyone to stand in their way?