Leading article: Sweet Caroline

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The Kennedy clan might not be the force in American politics that it once was, especially with the sad illness of Ted Kennedy. But the dynasty has clearly not exhausted its appetite for power. Caroline Kennedy, JFK's daughter, has indicated she is interested in the Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton. Is Ms Kennedy up to being a Senator for New York? It is an open question because she has never held public office before. But Ms Kennedy certainly showed some canny political judgement by endorsing Barack Obama in the bitterly-fought Democratic primaries, rather than Mrs Clinton.

Will she be chosen? Again it is a tough call. There will be plenty of competition for this plum seat. And the still influential Clintons are unlikely to be tripping over themselves to support her.

We shall have to wait and see. But in the meantime, incorrigible nostalgics will be content to revel in the tantalising prospect of yet another return to Camelot.