Leading article: The car boot code

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Respected symbologist Robert Langdon pulled into the market town of Masham, North Yorkshire, with his companion, the cryptologist Sophie Neveu. A sign with the words "Car boot sale" appeared before them. "These events are very popular in England and thousands are held across the country every weekend," explained Langdon. After exiting the car Langdon instantly recognised the 10in by 4in tabernacle door belonging to the Knights Templar, the legendary keepers of the Holy Grail. "Do you know what this means?" Langdon asked Sophie, rhetorically. "The symbols on that door will lead us to the exact location of the Priory of Sion."

But before Langdon could dip into his breast pocket for his roll of English pound notes, a gentleman, who introduced himself as Martin Roberts, stepped in front and made an offer for the artefact. "There's only one thing for it" said Langdon. "We must not let that tabernacle door out of our sight..."(With apologies to Dan Brown)