Leading article: <i>The Independent</i> is of one mind with Paul Dacre

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It is good to see Paul Dacre, the editor of the Daily Mail, backing what we have long demanded: greater regulation of the press. Mr Dacre calls for an ombudsman, paid for by the industry, empowered to name and fine dodgy journalists, though he does not go as far as The Independent in calling for those found guilty to be struck off.

Returning the favour, we would back Mr Dacre in his complaint that the panel conducting the Leveson inquiry into press standards contains no one with any real experience of investigative journalism, of either a serious or popular kind.

The press should be held accountable. But that is best done by those who both know the pressures involved and have practical experience of all the obstacles which stand in the way of the truth. Urgently wanted: poachers turned gamekeepers.