Leading article: The name game

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David Cameron has suggested that his new baby girl, whose arrival was a joyful interruption to the Prime Minister's holiday in Cornwall yesterday, ought to have a Cornish middle name. Twitter users were quick to come up with suggestions ranging from the sweet (Lowenna, Loveday) to the plain silly (Pasty, Unemployment Blackspot). Daisy and Lucy are among the bookmakers' favourites for the child's first name.

All things considered it seems unlikely that Mr Cameron's enthusiasm for public consultation will extend to the naming of his child. Nor, despite his desire to support British businesses, will he be influenced by the positions of the bookmakers. This is one area of national life where, despite the rhetoric, we are not all in it together.

But speculation about any newborn baby's future is impossible to suppress. As Private Willis sings in Gilbert and Sullivan's Iolanthe: "I often think it's comical/ How Nature always does contrive/ That every boy and every gal/ That's born into the world alive/ Is either a little Liberal/ Or else a little Conservative!" Surely not this one though. As a child of the Coalition, we trust the latest addition to the Cameron family will be a little bit of both.