Leading article: The rise in cycling demands a new approach to safety

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The upsurge in the number of people cycling is a hugely welcome feature of modern Britain. The figures are most noticeable in London, where the increase over the past decade is put at about 50 per cent. But alongside this trend a more worrying one has emerged – death and serious injury as a result of cyclists colliding with lorries and other large vehicles.

It is well established that the more cyclists there are on the road, the safer cycling becomes, and tragedy strikes only a tiny proportion of rides undertaken. That, however, is no consolation to the families of the 30-plus cyclists killed on average every year on British roads – a much worse record than in more cycle-friendly countries on the Continent.

London is proving an especially hazardous cycling environment, even in the age of the Boris bike. New safety measures, and new attitudes, are urgently needed.